Frequently asked questions

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How much does a treatment cost?


Start from 95€


Lips 100€

Eyebrows 100€

Lips and eyebrows 150€


Start from 70€


Start from 100

During a free intake consultation, we review the options, determine the price and explain the treatment in detail.

How does the laser work?

We work with the Quanta Q-plus Evo C. This is a laser machine that has 3 different wavelengths, the Ruby 694nm, Yag 1064nm and the Yag 532nm with which almost all ink colors of tattoos can be effectively treated.

This sets us apart from other, often inexpensive agencies that work with lasers with a single wavelength that then usually speak of a Yag laser. However, if after a number of treatments the pigment in the black tattoo also contains other colors, the removal may still pose a problem. Often the pulses of the cheaper lasers are not short/powerful enough causing the ink to melt and scar you.

The energy of the pulse passes through the top layer of skin and is absorbed by the ink. The energy pulverizes the ink particles into tiny particles. These particles are then small enough to be absorbed and disposed of by the body.

This process takes time. That’s why around 8 weeks for tattoos and 4 weeks for PMU is scheduled between each treatment. You may also leave longer between, as the ink will fade even more over time.

Along with the laser, we use the zimmer cooling system which cools the skin making the treatment more bearable.

For pigmentation we work with the same laser but different settings.

Does the treatment hurt?

Pain is a different concept for everyone, a correct answer to this question is difficult to give.

As with getting a tattoo, there is some discomfort associated with the removal process. Generally, tattoo removal is perceived as slightly more painful than its placement. However, the treatment is over quickly.

Along with the skin cooler and the speed of the laser, the treatment is over in no time. However, we do everything we can to make your TattooClear experience as comfortable as possible.

Pigmentation removal and scar treatments are not painful, only mild stinging.

The approach of TattooClear?

The free intake interview.

Everything starts with a personal intake interview. This is completely free and without obligation but is the only way to give you specific advice. We have to be able to see and measure your skin and your tattoo, your scar,... We need to be able to see and measure your skin and your scar.

During the intake interview we explain the whole process, so you know exactly what to expect.

If you wish, you can already start with your first treatment after the intake interview.

A treatment takes between 5' and 30'.

What do we treat?

We focus on the removal of

- tattoos

- permanent makeup

- pigmentation

- scars

Number of treatments?

Tattoo removal

Each session will fade the ink of your tattoo a little further, until it is finally completely gone.

The number of treatments required and the final result depend greatly on the amount of ink used, your skin type, the colors, the quality of the ink and the depth of the tattoo.

In addition, the drainage of the ink varies from person to person: you may need slightly more or fewer treatments than someone else.

Permanent Makeup (PMU)

Lip PMU removal requires 1 to 3 treatments.

Eyebrows require 1 to 6 treatments.


1 to 2 treatments are sufficient


This varies depending on the type of scar.


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