Scar laser treatment

Remove your scars with our laser treatments

Do you want to get rid of scars and have a smoother skin? TattooClear offers specialized laser treatments to effectively remove and fade scars. We treat all types of scars from facial scars to fading acne scars and old scars that you've had for a long time.

Our laser treatments focus on reducing scars, whether they're the result of acne, piercings, or other causes. Using innovative laser technologies, we provide customized treatments to reduce and smooth scars on the face and elsewhere on the body.

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How does a laser treatment at TattooClear work?

The procedure is performed by experienced professionals who expertly laser your scars. TattooClear aims to provide both a safe and effective treatment to help clients achieve smoother and more even-looking skin.

Before treatment, a thorough consultation takes place where our specialists assess the scars and develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

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How scar laser treatment works

We understand that scars can have both physical and emotional impacts. That's why we strive to restore your confidence by offering effective laser treatments.

The laser treatment works fractionated, treating only a specific part of the skin per laser pulse. This process creates hole patterns in the skin. These holes are surrounded by unaffected skin tissue, contributing to an accelerated healing process through the natural production of new skin cells. This targeted approach ensures a safe and controlled treatment, resulting in faster recovery within a few days.

After treatment, small scabs form on the surface of the skin, where hole patterns are formed. The heat from the laser causes tissue shrinkage, resulting in finer skin texture and improved blood circulation.

The laser treatment helps fade scars by treating the upper layers of the skin. Through repeated sessions, hypertrophic scars, old scars, and even acne scars can significantly reduce in visibility and texture.

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Why choose a laser treatment at TattooClear?

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Advanced technology

We use advanced laser equipment designed for safe and effective scar removal. You can see results after just 1 to 2 treatment sessions!

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Specialized approach

TattooClear is the largest clinic for laser treatments in Belgium. At one of our 4 locations, you can request a free consultation with personalized advice from our expert team.

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Excellent reviews

Our clinic has numerous good reviews from satisfied customers. Via Google or our website, you can view all the positive reviews from previous treatments.

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How to book a laser treatment?

Do you also want to remove your scars by our specialists? Book your free consultation now for scar laser treatment and benefit from our expert care and effective treatments. Our experts are ready to laser your scars in a way that suits your skin.

Schedule an appointment online today to remove scars! Let us guide you to healthy, even skin.

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Tattoo removal or fading

Want to bid a permanent farewell to your tattoo and start anew? TattooClear offers high-quality treatments for laser removal of tattoos that are safe and effective. Our advanced laser equipment is specifically designed to fade and remove tattoos. Whether it's a large or small tattoo, our specialized treatments are tailored to different skin types and inks.

Pigmentation spot removal

Are you looking to bid farewell to stubborn pigment spots or age spots and restore radiance with an even skin tone? TattooClear offers specialized laser treatments for removing pigment spots and treating age spots. Whether you're interested in treating age spots or getting rid of pigment spots on the face, hands, legs, or other body parts, we'll help you get rid of them for good!

PMU removal

Do you want to get rid of permanent makeup for a fresh start? At TattooClear, we offer specialized laser treatments to safely and effectively remove permanent makeup. Our laser treatments are specifically designed to fade and remove permanent makeup, including eyebrows and lips. We understand that removing PMU is a personal choice, and our expert team is ready to guide you through this process.


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